Full-width Page With Scattered Dog Info

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The great upside with Breedr for WordPress is that you don’t have to use the autopilot mode where every dog has its page automatically created. If you rather want to pick and choose what piece of information you want to use and at what place, it is as easy as using a shortcode on your blog post or page.

For example this could be a blog post about you last appearance at a dog show, and you can discuss how each dog has performed. Let’s start with mentioning the two dogs we’ve brought to that show, just to show them some online love! We brought our lovely Littermate In Chief for a puppy competition, and also our loveable Avatar.

Obviously, we may also want to discuss Avatar’s past achievement and titles thanks to our No animal found with this ID. shortcode, and miraculously his last awards/titles will be display right here.

  • Best In Group - Working Breeds

    Tough competition but Avatar managed to reach to heights and impress the judges with an impeccable behaviour at Crufts!

    • Crufts
    • March 2015
    • Helene Dehesa
  • Best In Show

    Competition Avatar attended randomly without much preparation nor grooming. Still a good result thought!

    • National German Shepherd Association Trials
    • August 2012
    • Mr. Victor Valdes

But then, we love how our little Littermate In Chief dominated the competition, he literally was too good to be beaten, but how is that possible? Of course we love our little baby but perhaps his pedigree gave him all these genes to be so good that success keeps on flowing in? Let’s also show the puppy’s pedigree with our shortcode.

So you get the gist, right? Every single piece of information on any animal or litter’s profile is usable independently, it is ideal when you write pages or articles and want to use just “that” bit of information rather than the full dog’s page.

And obviously, if you change your dog’s pedigree to add ancestors, it will automatically appear on any page you used the shortcode. Yep, it is that awesome.