Breedr Gems' Avatar


  • Nickname Avatar
  • Date of Birth Jun 20, 2005
  • Color Black & Tan
  • Owners Stranger Kennel, Lazhar Ichir
  • Father Breedr Gems' Evergreen
  • American Kennel Club KK120056-GSD
  • Trainer Ms. Helene Vissensen
Whatz Dat at 8 weeks old. He is Avatar's son.
Whatz Dat at 8 weeks old. He is Avatar’s son.

Avatar is an adult champion, with a cuddly temperament. He is always willing to roll over to the other side of the room to receive and give lots of love. His career is now over, and he will not breed any longer. However, his progenies are available at stud.

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Health & Screenings

  • Health Screening

    All normal

    • Vet Surgery
    • 02 Thu Aug


    • Vet Laboratory
    • 05 Thu Mar
  • Hip Score


    • Vet Surgery
    • 26 Tue Feb

Achievements & Titles

  • Best In Group - Working Breeds

    Tough competition but Avatar managed to reach to heights and impress the judges with an impeccable behaviour at Crufts!

    • Crufts
    • March 2015
    • Helene Dehesa
  • Best In Show

    Competition Avatar attended randomly without much preparation nor grooming. Still a good result thought!

    • National German Shepherd Association Trials
    • August 2012
    • Mr. Victor Valdes